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A Diverse Place
to Learn to Dance.

Ballet, Tap, Contemporary, Jazz, Commercial, Limbering, Acro and more

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Safety First

Full reopening plans for April, include a physically-distanced in-person learning model

Why Breaking Boundaries

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Our Approach

We teach technique the right way in a fun environment from the day they start, giving them opportunities to learn through class in the studio and different immersive experiences.  


We believe no dancer is too young or too old to learn to dance well. Whether a 3 year old taking their first dance class, a 10 year old who has decided to start a new activity, an experienced 13 year old or a 15 year who has always wanted to dance but never had the confidence; we are here for everyone.

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Enhance Learning

We have classes available for all at different levels

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Strong Partnerships

We are the sister company of the award winning Aim Sky High. We also have a partnership with Aim Sky High Talent, which means we can offer our students professional industry work opportunities should they want it.

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Parent Information

Check out everything from our child protection policy to our term dates and more in this section.

Successes & Opportunities


North-West Contemporary Champions

2018/ 2019/ 2020/2021

Year on year success with student admissions into dance schools


Certified Higher-Education Trained and Professionally Worked 

Regular job opportunities

Trained children who have booked west-end musical theatre jobs and more.

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New York, Los Angeles, South Africa & more.

Opportunity to travel the world to train 

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